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5 Tips for Creating a Professional Quality Kitchen

July 7, 2017

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Your kitchen is one of the most functional rooms in your home. While it may sometimes serve as a place to gather and talk with loved ones, it is also the space where you prepare your meals and serve favourite recipes. Consequently, it should have a warm and friendly environment that still provides plenty of space to chop, dice and sauté.

Having an area that is easy to cook in is not just about space. You should also arrange your supplies and other essentials in a way that makes preparing food efficient and simple. If you want a kitchen that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional enough to cook like a pro, try out the following five steps:

1. Clear cooking surfaces
To create a kitchen that is as efficient as it is visually appealing, you first need to ensure that you have sufficient empty surfaces for cooking. Nothing will slow you down in your culinary efforts like a lack of space. While a decorative vase or bowl of fruit may look nice, it should not be on the counter if it affects your ability to work.

You should additionally keep any appliances that you do not use regularly stored in your cabinets. Items like blenders and food processors can take up a lot of space that could otherwise be used for cooking.

2. Keep ingredients handy
Organization is important for creating a functional kitchen. However, if your ingredients are stored in inconvenient places, gathering everything you need to cook may take longer than the actual cook time. Keep your jars of dried herbs and spices on an easily accessible spice rack and store your dry ingredients in a cabinet with enough space that you can easily see what is inside.

Austin Johnson, executive chef of The Krebs in Skaneateles, N.Y., told HouseLogic that he recommends what he calls a “kitchen work triangle.” Everything you need for cooking should stay within this space.

“You want everything near to hand so you’re not hopping around all over the place,” Johnson said.

When you cook, the organization of your kitchen can make or break your meal. When you cook, the organization of your kitchen can make or break your meal.

3. Hang pots and pans
No matter what you are cooking, you will probably need at least one pot or pan – maybe even several – to complete the dish. Consequently, you do not want to be digging through cabinets every time you need one of these essential tools. Hanging your pots and pans from a ceiling rack will help keep them within reach when you are working on your latest culinary endeavor.

4. Go for quality over quantity
Do you have a block full of knives? Or maybe multiple types of food processors? While it may be tempting to stock your kitchen with every gadget and tool, to make your room efficient, you should go for quality over quantity. Go through your cupboards and make sure that you are only keeping the items that you truly use to make sure that you have room to keep the necessities close at hand. Plus, clearing these things off your counters leaves more surface space for your cooking.

5. Choose the right faucet
The faucet at your sink is a small element that can have a significant impact on the ease of your culinary experience. After all, you use the water that flows through it not only in your cooking, but your cleanup as well. A pullout faucet, such as an option from Grohe, may be helpful when you need to clean your dishes after your meal is complete.

To find a faucet that is perfect for your kitchen – both in terms of functionality and aesthetic – visit your local Wolseley Canada Kitchen & Bath Classics Showroom today.

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