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Farjana Rahman
Toronto, ON

My background and education is in Interior Design and Architecture, so I love to take our products and use them to create new and exciting spaces unique for every client. I am up for any challenge and cannot wait to help you find the right products and designs for your kitchen or bathroom.

Pertam Beeharilal
Toronto, ON

I am one of those very lucky people who loves what they do for a living. I look forward to every day and every new customer; even after 15-plus years with TAPS. My clients appreciate that I have extensive knowledge of plumbing installation and service, thanks to 26 years in the industry—they trust me to help them select the right product every time.”

Dominic Giordano
Toronto, ON

It is my goal to provide each customer with unparalleled service, product knowledge and design inspiration. No matter the size or the specifications, I draw on my decade-plus of experience in plumbing sales to help customers transform their bathrooms and kitchens into unique, fun, functional spaces.

Peter Coffa
Toronto, ON

When a client asks me for advice on picking out the ideal fixture or fitting, I am confident that I can find exactly what they want within their budget. I have been in the plumbing industry for over 30 years and all of my customers have left the showroom satisfied, inspired, and excited about their new kitchen or bathroom.

Daniel Scheffel
Toronto, ON

Every morning, I look forward to going to work because I have the passion and background to do my job very well. A past in fitting and fixture sales and my background in mechanical engineering combined allow me to provide clients with extensive information on product performance and function. I keep up-to-date with new technology and pass my learning onto my customers. I look forward to finding the right product for your project!

Sarita Bhuri
Toronto, ON

I have been in the industry for 13 years, 3 of which have been at TAPS. I am very passionate about interior design and enjoy helping my customers and understanding what they like. When I have a strong understanding of what they are looking for, I can better direct them to the right products and understand their budget. I recommend to my customers that they have an established budget, and a sense of direction for what they are looking for so that I have clarity on what they are trying to achieve.

Katherine Matsialko
Toronto, ON

I studied design in school, and have a lot of product and installation knowledge after working for 6 years at TAPS. I provide professional advice on the products available here for customers based on requirements, advice, and expertise I have developed over the years. I enjoy that every day is one with new learning curves and an opportunity to meet new challenges that I am able to help solve with my clients.  I encourage my clients to follow their sense of style and provide us with your budget so we can find something accordingly, based on our knowledge and design school experience.

Carol-lynn Keast
Toronto, ON

After obtaining my degree in Interior design, I have since worked in interior design and plumbing. I have been at TAPS for 13 years now, combining my passion for design and interest in assisting others to work on their renovations. Being able to put it all together for my clients after assessing the basics, needs, and requirements mixed with the style they are hoping to achieve is rewarding. I recommend looking through magazines and websites of interest for home ideas, so that I am able to guide you in the right direction, otherwise it can be overwhelming for the client.

Fe Vera Cruz (Boutique Manager)
Toronto, ON

After working here for 27 years, TAPS has become my second home. I love helping people, and I love seeing people come back to work with us. TAPS is a trusted name in the industry, and I am glad to be a part of it. Whether you are looking for décor items, or bathroom additions, we are here to help with your request and can fill you in on the products we carry.

Angela Mazzulla
Toronto, ON

I really enjoy helping people make design decisions and pointing them in the right direction, whether they are looking for modern, contemporary, or have another idea in mind.  I have been working here at TAPS now for over 16 years, so I have been available for many customers. Any renovation is stressful, so I make sure I tell my customers to keep calm and take their time making decisions for them home, and everything will fall into place.

Cindy Corsetti
Toronto, ON

I have been working in the TAPS Boutique since it opened over a decade ago, and have taken valuable design courses in the past. I chose TAPS because I was able to combine my interest in helping people with my appreciation for design and décor. We help our customers match the taps they chose to their towel bars, mirrors, and any other décor to create a complete look in their washrooms.


Asha Menon
Mississauga, ON

My strong passion for helping my customers combined with almost 11 years of sales experience allow me to provide recommendations to help my customers achieve their dream bathrooms and kitchens. I suggest to my clients that they walk around for the full experience of TAPS first, whether it is getting into the bathtubs or turning on faucets, in order to get a genuine feel for what is available in the industry. Then we can look into the measurements of their spaces and answer any questions they may have.  I look forward to sitting down with you to address any questions you may have, look at the items you are interested in, and help put it all together for your ideal space.

Magdalena Zygmunt
Mississauga, ON

After going to school for Interior Design and working at TAPS for 7 years, I can bring a lot to the table for my clients. I look forward to meeting new people everyday and sitting down with them to discuss what they are looking for from stylistic criteria to budget. We have a lot of happy, returning customers and trades who shop with us; they trust us and see we are here to help them and make them look good as well. My advice to all my clients is to design the space you want by matching the aesthetics and functionality you hope to achieve.

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