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Add A New Backsplash for Brightness and Protection

August 15, 2017

kitchen sink inspiration

Showcasing a modern sink with a backsplash is a great way to make it the focal point of the kitchen. There are many different styles of backsplash available, ranging from shiny tile and metal to artwork painted on glass. Whether creating a backsplash is a do-it-yourself home kitchen improvement project or is professionally completed, the result will be the same: something that looks attractive, highlights the sink area and keeps the walls clean from water and food splashes.

DIY Network has several backsplash ideas ranging from simple to elaborate. All of these relatively inexpensive ideas are designed for at-home installation, and have the capability to compete with top designer kitchen ideas. Those who enjoy adding their own touches to a backsplash may want to consider a pegboard style. This is comprised of panels that are connected together and affixed to the wall. They can then be customized by adding hooks to display artwork or kitchen utensils. The result is clean and neat, and may be useful for those with smaller kitchens who want to free up counter space.

For a more vintage look, DIY Network suggests using old maps to create a backsplash. The maps are first attached to plywood that is cut to fit the area. The images are then sealed with shellac to remain waterproof and to add sheen.

BDivine has some other ideas for daring home decorators. Tiles are always elegant and can be a good project for artsy types. The source suggests using Arabesque tiles, which are larger and slightly more expensive. They can provide a "high-end feel," ideal for a smaller kitchen.

kitchen stove with a backsplashFind a backsplash style to suit your tastes.

Those looking for a more modern and industrial look can consider using copper as a backsplash. According to the source, copper is durable, "long-lasting, and easy to clean, and these qualities make it an ideal material" for a kitchen backsplash. "It is also antimicrobial, killing almost 100 per cent of bacteria that cause healthcare-related illnesses." Copper is a viable option for a kitchen backsplash, especially for those who prefer an extra clean home environment.

Prefer a more random pattern? BDivine advises using hexagonal tiles for a new backsplash. They fit together easily and can be arranged sequentially or punctuated with random dots of colour. This can add whimsy and visual interest to a kitchen that may otherwise be monochrome.

Finally, for those with an unlimited budget, marble is the most high-end of backsplash materials. It can stain easily, according to the news provider, which can dissuade some home decorators.
Working on a new kitchen backsplash can be a fun enterprise; a pop of colour, new tile or even something more innovative can make all the difference. Those who choose a backsplash to complement a sink or intricate faucet may create a true conversation piece. Making a kitchen upgrade is not an arduous task, and while the family might need to order takeout while work is in progress, the complete project will bring a little excitement to any home.

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