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Bathroom design trends to look for in 2017 [Video Blog Script]

November 23, 2016

Bathroom design trend for 2017


If you’re looking to renovate your bathroom in 2017 but are lacking in inspiration, look no further. We have the lowdown on some exciting bathroom design trends that will be all the rage come the new year:

{marker} Using green in the form of live plants is an upcoming trend that can add a natural feel to any bathroom space. Plants that don’t need a whole lot of sunlight, such as parlor palms and peacock plants, are ideal.

{marker} Bathrooms painted with clean colors – colors with no grey or black – will be on trend in the new year. Clean colors enhance a bathroom space by making it feel bright and inviting.

{marker} Sleek, contemporary and minimalist bathroom designs will continue in popularity in 2017. To achieve this look, consider designs that incorporate strong lines, minimal decoration and materials such as stone or wood. Stone bowl sinks, for example, will be especially popular, as will designs that include ceramic walls in simple muted colors.

Thanks for watching! And happy remodeling!

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