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The most influential design movements are re-imagined by DXV.

DXV’s portfolio of luxury bathroom fixtures and kitchen products are inspired by historically significant designs, reinterpreting them to fit today’s aesthetic and performance demands for kitchen and bathroom renovations. DXV collections of toilets, sinks, bathroom fixtures, bathtubs, kitchen faucets and more, are inspired by four significant design movements in history: the Classic Movement, the Golden Era, the Modern Movement, and the Contemporary Movement.

DXV By American Standard Hillside Sink From the Classic Collection

The Classic Movement (1890 – 1920)

Born of quality and craftsmanship, DXV’s kitchen and bathroom collections, inspired by the Classic Movement, push the boundaries of historicism and neoclassic designs for a fresh, fanciful and natural home aesthetic. Their products are designed to relieve the stress from the urban industrial landscape. On these bathroom fixtures and kitchen faucets, you’ll find flowing lines, organic detail and intricate patterns.Explore DXV collections inspired by the Classic Movement at TAPS kitchen and bath stores in Toronto and Mississauga.

DXV collections inspired by this movement:

  • The Ashbee Bathroom Collection
  • The Landfair Bathroom Collection
  • The Oak Hill Bathroom Collection
  • The St. George Bathroom Collection
  • The Hillside Kitchen Sink Collection
  • The Victorian Kitchen Faucet Collection
DXV Golden Era Bathroom Fitzgerald Collection

The Golden Era (1920 – 1950)

These products are inspired by the spirit of experimentation in decorative arts, automotive design, industrial design and home goods of the early 20th Century. DXV collections re-imagines the Golden Era and removes heavy ornamentation of the past. Discover this thoughtful approach to design in our Toronto bath and kitchen showroom and our Mississauga bath and kitchen showroom. See the refined and simple aesthetics of DVX in-store and bring the utilitarian shapes and elegant lines to your bathroom renovation.

DXV bathroom fixtures collections inspired by this movement:

  • The Fitzgerald Bathroom Collection
  • The Keefe Bathroom Collection
  • The Pop Bathroom Sink Collection
  • The Randall Bathroom Collection
  • The Wyatt Bathroom Collection
DXV By American Standard Modulus Collection

The Modern Movement (1950 – 1990)

The movement is celebrated for experimentation in forms, materials and dimensions. Designs are forged with artful lines and flowing forms, in sharp contrast to geometric structures of the past. In DXV collections inspired by the Modern Movement, you’ll find bathroom fixtures and kitchen faucets with bold statements and authentic style. Shop these DXV kitchen and bathroom faucets, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, and more at TAPS kitchen and bath stores in Toronto and the GTA.

DXV kitchen and bath collections inspired by this movement:

  • DXV Modulus Bathroom Collection
  • The REM Bathroom Collection
  • The Lowell Bathroom Collection
  • The Fresno Kitchen Collection
DXV By American Standard Cossu Toilet at TAPS

The Contemporary Movement (1990 – today)

Contemporary design aesthetics are eclectic and continually evolving, combining influences of international and individual style. DVX contemporary designs are intelligent and inviting, crisp and unadorned, with form following elegant utility. Sophistication is in the essence of these bathroom fixtures and kitchen faucets.

Looking for contemporary DXV toilets, kitchen faucets, bathroom fixtures and bathtubs in Toronto? Book a consultation or visit a TAPS bath and kitchen showroom in Toronto and Mississauga today.

DXV kitchen and bath collections inspired by this movement:

  • The AT Smart Toilet Series
  • The Equility Bathroom Collection
  • The Percy Bathroom Collection
  • The Cossu Bathroom Collection
  • The Isle Collection
DXV Contemporary Shower Suite

Find Luxury Kitchen Faucets and Bathroom Fixtures in Toronto at TAPS Bath

For homeowners looking to buy luxury kitchen faucets and bathroom fixtures in Toronto, DXV by American Standard has a high-end designs collection to match your bathroom and kitchen renovation needs. Each DXV movement includes bathroom fixture suites and faucet collections, as well as kitchen sinks and fittings. DXV luxury faucets, toilets, sinks, bathroom fixtures and kitchen faucets are available exclusively through luxury bath showrooms and kitchen showrooms at TAPS Toronto and TAPS Mississauga.

Visit a TAPS kitchen and bath store in Toronto or Mississauga to shop DXV kitchen and bathroom products, or learn more on DXV byAmerican Standard’s website.

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