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Produits Neptune

Looking for Canadian bathroom fixtures, bathtubs and more? Produits Neptune offers a wide range of Canadian-made bathroom products including bathtubs, showers, glass doors, sinks and toilets – available at TAPS Toronto and TAPS Mississauga. Their unique portfolio of refined plumbing and bathroom products are designed to blend seamlessly with all units.

Produits Neptune Bathroom Vapora Bathtub Ensemble from TAPS Showrooms

Design For Everyday Living.

Produits Neptune creates inspiring, well-thought-out bathroom fixtures with flexibility for homeowners and designers to mix, match and create signature bathroom design. With Produits Neptune, everything is possible and everything is simple. Book a consultation with one of our bathroom specialists to learn more about this brand for your bathroom renovation in our Toronto bath showroom or Mississauga bath showroom.

Produits Neptune Prague Bathtub from TAPS Showrooms

Combining High-End Design, Innovation and Functionality for Your Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a home. From day-to-day hygiene needs to relaxing and pampering ourselves, the bathroom holds a fundamental place in our lives. When planning your bathroom renovations, why not make it a truly pleasant, beautiful and functional space with Produits Neptune?

Produits Neptune Florence Azelia Bathroom from TAPS Showrooms

Eco-Friendly Bathroom Products You’ll Love

Beautiful bathroom fixture designs you can feel good about. Produits Neptune is committed to sustainable development and its environmental footprint. They are the first company in North America to be certified ECORESPONSIBLE, recognizing its green initiatives in procurement, eco-design, manufacturing and more.

Shop Produits Neptune products for your eco-friendly bathroom renovations at TAPS bath store.

Produits Neptune Oval Freestanding Tub at TAPS Kitchen and Bath

Produits Neptune Bathtubs in Toronto and Mississauga Showrooms

Discover Produits Neptune’s complete bathtub offerings at TAPS Toronto and TAPS Mississauga locations. From traditional, transitional or contemporary, TAPS bathroom specialists are here to help you find the perfect bathtub to meet your renovation ideas.

Produits Neptune Freestandting Tub at TAPS Bath and Kitchen Showrooms


Produits Neptune’s acrylic shower models are available in many forms and dimensions at TAPS bath. Whether you’re looking for one-piece or two-piece shower units for your bathroom renovation, we can help you find a design that suits your needs.

Did you know: their showers have Easyclean finish? Produits Neptune applies a cutting-edge protective coating for shower doors to repel water and dirt. This ensures easy cleaning and extended life for your shower doors.


Designed to meet high standards of both design and performance, Produits Neptune carries the perfect toilet for your new bathroom. find the perfect toilet for your new bathroom. Many Produits Neptune toilets are one-piece models, skirted and equipped with self-closing toilet seats. Plus, the double flush system for water saving is in line with the brand’s model of sustainable development.

Produits Neptune Rectangular Freestanding Tub at TAPS Kitchen and Bath Showrooms


Find bathroom sinks including above-counter, undermount or drop-in sinks by Produits Neptune. Discover their bathroom sink collections at TAPS bathroom stores in Mississauga and Toronto.

Bathroom Experiences

Enhance your bathing experience by adding one of Produits Neptune’s five massage systems: Whirlpool, Mass- Air, Activ-Air, Back Jets or Tonic. It is also possible to combine these systems for an array of massages and to maximize the sensation of well-being.

Learn more about Produits Neptune bathroom fixtures on their website.

Produits Neptune Bathroom Suite

Discover all the Options at TAPS Bath.

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