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Clean your bathroom like a pro with these tips

May 24, 2017

cleaning bathroom toilet with a brush


Of all the household chores, there is one that tends to be the most dreaded: cleaning the bathroom. Even if you are the kind of person who loves a sparkling home, it is likely not an activity that you particularly enjoy. However, that bathroom is not going to clean itself, so unless you want to hire a professional, the task is going to fall to you.

Though cleaning the bathroom is never going to be fun, there are ways to make your job easier. To give your bathroom a professional-level deep clean, follow these simple steps:

Clean as you go
To keep this chore from becoming a time-consuming ordeal, your first step should be to develop the habit of cleaning as you go. And that does not just mean picking up your dirty socks off the floor. If you accidentally squirt some toothpaste on the sink or spill shampoo down the side of the tub, wipe it up right away. These messes will only solidify over time, making them harder to clean up later. Doing a little extra work each day will make your regular deep cleaning less time-consuming and intensive.

Start with the basics
Once you get out your supplies, start by sweeping or vacuuming up any hairs and other loose particles that may have gathered on the surfaces. It is better to do this before pulling out any of your cleaning sprays and other supplies, which can actually make it harder to lift dust and the like from the floor and counters. Once this step is complete, you can see what areas are going to need your attention for a little extra work.

When you spray cleaning product on your counter, let it sit for a few minutes before wiping it off.When you spray cleaning product on your counter, let it sit for a few minutes before wiping it off.

Heat it up
The surfaces are swept and dusted – now you can get down to the more difficult messes. Even if you try to be intentional about cleaning as you go, there will be times when grime builds up, particularly in your tub or shower. To make it easier to get rid of any buildup in these areas, Jenny Botero, resident manager of the Crystal Gateway Marriott, told HGTV that her team fills the tub with a couple inches of hot water and lets it sit for a few minutes before wiping down the surface to increase the effectiveness of alkaline cleaners. This hot water trick also works on tile floors and other similar areas, though you need to be sure that you do not leave any water behind when you are done cleaning.

Hot water can work wonders on some clogged drains as well. Pour boiling water down a sink or shower that is clogged and see if that does the trick before trying any harsher cleaning products.

Start spraying
When you spray a cleaning solution on your bathroom surfaces, what do you do next? If you wipe it away, you are making your work more difficult for yourself. Leaving the product on for a few minutes allows it to break down the residue that is collected on your counters and tub. To get a deep clean, spray the surfaces of your bathroom and leave for five minutes. When you return with a sponge or cloth and begin rubbing the areas, you will likely find that the residue comes off much easier.

Sometimes even deep cleaning is not enough to freshen up your bathroom. If your faucets or shower head are rusting or otherwise in disrepair, consider treating your bathroom to a new look from Wolseley Canada. Visit a Kitchen & Bath Classic showroom today to view our selection of bathroom fixtures from all of your favourite designers.

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