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How to Make a Small Space Feel Bigger

February 7, 2017

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There are plenty of steps you can take to make even the most cramped spaces in your home feel larger and more inviting. Simple steps or small renovation projects can pay dividends in the look of a room and completely change its overall vibe.

Whether in the bathroom, the kitchen or the living room, there are clever tricks and simple ideas to make things feel a bit more spacious. Here are some of the best tips to consider:

The kitchen
Whether you're hosting guests for a mid-morning brunch or simply putting together a weekday dinner, a small, cramped kitchen is less than ideal. Rather than undergoing a full-blown remodeling, however, there are plenty of ways to not only increase the amount of space but to give the room a more inviting appeal.

For example, the National Kitchen and Bath Association told the DIY Network that installing a new, sleek appliance can help in the functionality of your kitchen as well as improve its aesthetic charm. Similarly, replace an old sink fixture for a model that is refined and elegant. Chose one or two upgrades to help make your kitchen feel less crowded.

"In any kitchen, a simplistic approach is a good choice."

To further make your kitchen feel bigger than it is, you should find ways to reduce unnecessary clutter. This might mean consolidating counter-top appliances but can also be achieved by simply cleaning up a bulletin board or getting rid of decorative knick-knacks. In any kitchen, a simplistic approach is a good choice, but in smaller spaces this becomes essential.

There are also a few ideas that are less obvious but subtly make your kitchen feel more open. Better Homes and Garden stated that a white paint job can go a long way. This reflects light and creates a new sense of depth and space. Even replacing wooden cabinets with glass ones if effective to that end.

The bathroom
Many of the same steps to take in the kitchen can also be used to make your bathroom feel bigger and less cramped. One step to take is to swap out an opaque shower door with a glass one. Matt Plaskoff, a former consultant to the show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, told that this makes the bathroom feel like one big room, while a door that isn't transparent effectively cuts the room in half.

To physically add more space, you need to assess how much storage you truly need. If your drawers are full of useful items, then you may be best served swapping out a vanity for one that offers the same storage capacity but is a little more compact. Even saving a few inches can make a big difference in a small bathroom. If, however, you can afford to do away with bulky storage, there are many exciting options for making a positive change. A pedestal sink serves to open up the room and is an attractive new addition to any bathroom.

Overall, look to get creative about where you store your toiletries and extra towels. Replace bulky medicine cabinets for a simple, flat mirror. Install a shelf in the shower to place useful items. Make use of that hallway closet. Brainstorm what can be replaced or changed and consider additions that will be the most advantageous.

As in the kitchen, a fresh coat of white, eggshell or calming blue paint will give your bathroom a more open appeal. Consider changing out older light fixtures for simple ones that give the room character and also take up less space. For a larger project, consider installing a window or skylight to really open things up.

Even adding a simple shelf can make a meaningful improvement to your bathroom.Even adding a simple shelf can make a meaningful improvement to your bathroom.

The living room
Like the kitchen, your living room is one of the most dynamic places in your home. You want it to be as comfortable and feel as spacious as possible. This starts with how you furnish the space.

Bulky furniture, of course, takes up what precious space you have, but HGTV found that mismatched pieces only exacerbate this issue. Your best bet is to chose items that aren't just simple and sleek but also work together to give the room a cohesive charm. Select colors and textures that don't clash too much.

You also want to pick furniture that is as useful as possible. Ottomans that offer storage space, tables with drawers and other pieces can be used to reduce clutter while making sure everything you need is accessible. A large decorative mirror, meanwhile, subtly gives the room a sense of depth.

From there, consider making a few design changes that will physically open up more space. Mount a television on the wall or try consolidating bulky arm chairs into a single love seat.

Around the home you have many options for making small spaces feel better. Above all else, look for ways to reduce clutter, integrate elegant furnishings and err on the side of simplicity. Head to a Kitchen and Bath showroom to find ways to make a positive impact at your house.

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