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Let there be light: Simple tips for making your kitchen more inviting

December 23, 2016

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Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home, and as such, you want it to be inviting and cozy. And the right lighting scheme can make this space more vibrant for when you're preparing a snack, on the phone with a loved one or finishing up some chores.

To maximize your efforts, however, you need to be conscientious about what lighting option you choose. Each kitchen is different, and as such requires a specific solution. Here are a few common ideas to consider:

Shine bright with an overhead fixture
This is a great option for lighting up your kitchen because it also is an opportunity to instill a sense of class or personality. Static, flat lights do nothing more than illuminate a room, and a hanging fixture or other more dynamic setup is much more arresting.

Do some research about available options, and choose a chandelier or other light that conveys the right sense of character. A dimmer switch is another excellent way to give yourself more options for your kitchen. This way you can be a little more specific when setting the mood.

Leverage accent lighting
The DIY Network found that accent lighting is a clever way to illuminate your kitchen and also add a little style. You can use a few well-placed lights to really give the space a sense of depth and poise.

Consider an overhead light that runs beneath your cupboards and lights up the counter beneath. You may also use accent lighting in a display case to highlight fine china or favourite photos. Like a dimmer switch, this can also help establish mood in the kitchen because it offers options beyond simply turning the lights on or off.

Well-placed accent lights convey a sense of mood.Well-placed accent lights convey a sense of mood.

Consider a new paint job
Beyond physical light fixtures, there are two primary ways to make your kitchen a brighter place. The first is to try and use natural light either by opening or changing curtains, or even installing a new window or skylight.

A paint job is the second way to light up a room. The right hue defines the space, and while darker colours can be rich and beautiful, lighter shades and the use of white space could give your kitchen a more inviting and scintillating appeal.

Use decorative lighting
With the use of candles or lamps, you can further give your kitchen a sense of personality and also improve lighting overall. HGTV found that this can be a more expensive pursuit if you aren't careful about your choices. Your best bet is to consider decorative lighting last. Once a new fixture or paint job is finalized, then you can get a better sense of what your kitchen would benefit from most and where the best place for a sleek lamp would be.

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