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Unique and Inspired Bathroom Mirror Ideas

October 17, 2016

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The mirror is a focal point of your bathroom. Whether it's to help putting on makeup, brushing your teeth, putting in your contacts or styling your hair, a good mirror is a bathroom essential. With that in mind, here are a few inspired ways you can make your mirrors a unique and attractive feature of your bathroom:

Choose an Unconventional Shape
Mirrors don't have to just be round or square – they can be whatever shape fits your personality! Everything from a heart-shaped mirror in a honeymoon suite or an ornately decorated oval in a guest bath, your mirror can act as a statement about your taste rather than simply what is trendy or popular.

Double It Up
Even if you only have a single sink, pairing two mirrors can be a great way to reduce congestion in a bathroom you share with your spouse. 

Don't Stop at the Sink
Who says that you can only have a mirror over your sink? Consider framing your sink with multiple mirrors, which is all the better for capturing alternative angles and making putting yourself and your look together even easier. These can even make your bathroom appear more spacious through an optical illusion. Just make sure to avoid angles that capture less visually attractive aspects of the bathroom, like the toilet.

The humble bathroom mirror is an important element of your overall design.The humble bathroom mirror is an important element of your overall design.

Go Vintage or Vintage-Inspired
Mirrors that evoke the decor of a bygone era can be a stylish addition to your bathroom. Vintage or vintage-inspired pieces can form the foundation of a retro bathroom design. Even the spider-webbing rust and discoloration that often happens with older mirrors can be turned into a feature.

Mix and Match Sizes
Having one large central mirror over your sink is always a good design engineering move, but adding different sizes and shapes with smaller mirrors can prove both stylish and functional. Try keeping all your mirrors on one wall to limit the "funhouse" effect.

Mirrors Over the Window
It might sound crazy, but a narrow, long mirror mounted over a bathroom window – allowing light to pass through on the top and on bottom – is a funky way to take advantage of natural light. 

Consider Alternative Mounting Options
Rather than the traditional mounting, why not try something funky and off-beat? Suspending a mirror with visible rope or wire can add a rustic touch. Or, for an informal look, try just having a mirror resting on a narrow shelf.

"The mirror is a focal point of your bathroom."

Backlight Mirrors
Sometimes having an overhead or bulb light can be a bit too harsh. Why not try backlighting your mirrors using strips of LED? These lights come in a variety of different tones and colors. Backlighting is perfect for applying makeup and seeing small facial details. 

Gilded Mirrors
A gold trim can add a touch of brightness, shimmer and elegance to a mirror. 

Mount Artwork That Plays with Reflections
Feeling playful? Try putting up paintings or artwork that feature backwards text or only half of a figure. When mounted next to a mirror, the reflection can become part of the art! 

Go Simple with Rock and Exposed Brick 
If your bathroom wall uses rough hewn rock or exposed brick, keeping your mirrors simple and frameless is ideal to compliment the natural look.

Need some help choosing a mirror to match your decor? The experts at Wolseley Kitchen and Bath showrooms are here to lend a hand. Stop by today to learn more. 

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