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Considerations Before Opting for a Kitchen Island

July 28, 2017

large kitchen island with wine rack

If you are looking to make a significant change to your kitchen that will increase the functionality of the space, an island may be the right decision. 


Does Your Bathroom Need a Double Sink?

July 26, 2017

double sinks for a master bathroom

If you are designing a new bathroom or renovating an old room, a double sink may be smart choice for your home.   


5 Tips for Creating a Professional Quality Kitchen

July 7, 2017

kitchen stove top

 If you want a kitchen that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional enough to cook like a pro, try out the following five steps. 


5 Faucet Styles to Try in Your Kitchen Today

June 20, 2017

hand under a faucet with running water

If you are looking for a kitchen update, consider one of these five styles of faucet.  


What is your kitchen style?

May 31, 2017

kitchen designer standing next to a kitchen faucet

Your kitchen design style is largely influenced by your personality and preferences.   


Clean your bathroom like a pro with these tips

May 24, 2017

cleaning bathroom toilet with a brush

Though cleaning the bathroom is never going to be fun, there are ways to make your job easier. To give your bathroom a professional-level deep clean, follow these simple steps. 


5 Ways to Make Your Kitchen More Unique

May 22, 2017

Kitchen blueprint with filled in stove area

If you want to create a kitchen that stands apart from the crowd, consider one of these five strategies. 


6 Hot Bathroom Remodeling Trends

April 20, 2017

bathroom with freestanding tub and walk in shower

If you are looking for a little inspiration to get you going on a bathroom remodel, check out some of the latest and greatest trends in bathroom remodeling.


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